EPRC is dedicated to supporting and empowering children, young adults, and families of those with disabilities.

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Empowering Florida One Family at a Time

Inclusion through Education. Empowerment Parent Resource Center is a grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to the dream of Complete Community Inclusion for individuals with a disability. Through Education, Compassion and Community involvement, we can help an individual with a disability be a welcomed and integral part of the community.

Access useful resources. Take advantage of all of the resources, training, one-on-one support, respite and social events offered by Empowerment Parent Resource Center. Click on resources tab on the menu above and get easy access to parent resources and event information.

Looking for something to do? Check out our upcoming events!

1 hour ago
Celebrating Fall: Art Projects Using Leaves | PBS KIDS for Parents

Some fall activities for your family.


Welcome, fall! Autumn is a great time to help children re-explore their neighborhoods using all their senses. Enjoy the new season with activities and tips to…

1 day ago
Open Future Learning

The sad truth. But we can do our part. It is our job to educate individuals so our children become an accepted part of society. Be a voice. Teach your children to be a voice. Self advocacy and ... See more

There are two kinds of social distancing ...

2 days ago
Food distributions this weekend in Northwest Florida

Food distribution taking place in Escambia County.

Find out where you can get supplies, food, and hot meals in Northwest Florida this weekend. SATURDAY:ESCAMBIA COUNTY:Warrington United Methodist Church301 E. Winthrop Avenue, Pensacola, FL11 am - 1 ... See more

2 days ago
Video experience headlines - BBC News

A must watch for all families with special needs -

A mother of a young boy with Down's syndrome is helping to teach people about appropriate language.

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