Ambassador for Change

Submit your nomination for Project Empower’s Ambassador for Change

Project Empower of Northwest Florida Inc’s priority, from the organization’s inception, has been to encourage all people with disabilities to foster their strengths and aspire to achieve independent living. Our communities’ caregivers both parents and paid supports met the third Tuesday each month for the past eight years to proudly sound the message that our neighbor’s living with disabilities are important, and just as important as anyone, they have a voice and a dreams to obtain. Today, the Project Empower meetings are every 2nd Tuesday (not third); the great privilege one realizes by being a part of Project Empower, is to mentor our members with a disability, and then watch them mentor someone, again and again. As our members develop strengths, gain confidence and prove, with their hard work, that much is possible, we delight in honoring them through the Ambassador for Change Program. We highlight these bright individuals each year and much responsibility is given to them to be the voice for Project Empower. Our Ambassador for Change represents Project Empower at speaking engagements around the Pensacola area and they are strong advocates at the Capitol during the Florida Developmental Council’s Disability Awareness Day each March in Tallahassee, Florida. Project Empower is looking for 2018’s Ambassador for Change. Nominations and voting will take place over the next several months with a new Ambassador elected by August 1, 2017. Should you know of anyone who has really stood out as a “can do” person as they navigate life with a disability, please let us know by attending one of our monthly meetings at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church, 6205 N.W. Street, Pensacola, FL 32502, Building A, Door 3, the second Tuesday of each month at 11am.